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Welcome to the Colchester United Supporters Association

Chairman: Jon Burns          Secretary: Roger Westlake

The CUSA is an independent organisation formed in 1995, and run entirely by volunteer fans of Colchester United.

On behalf of our members and for their benefit, the CUSA aims to continue the varied work and communication with the football club and other bodies. By fostering these successful links and providing services to our members, the CUSA looks to further enhance the experience of following Colchester United.

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 Joe Dunne & Mark Kinsella


 A Statement From "Former Players Association" Chairman Barry Smith


I was sad to hear the news of Joe Dunne's departure from the managers job at Col U. I am sure that most Col U Supporters shared my feelings.


Joe had done a very good job under very difficult conditions with limited finances. My most positive recollections of his time as manager were of him keeping us in league one and that he got the team playing football to feet! The long hopeful ball becoming used sparingly under his stewardship. He has also brought in some extremely talented players in his time as well.


Joe's commitment to the club, the team and the young players was evident for all to see along with his unhidden passion!


I think it was this passion for the club and his high standard of expectation of himself and his players that lead to his decision to leave the job. I got the impression that he probably felt that he had done as much as he could with the limited resources available and that it was time for a fresh face!


I was also sorry to see that Mark Kinsella was leaving as I felt that both he and Joe were Col U thro and thro!! And also both really nice guys.


On behalf of CUFC FPA I would like to wish both Joe and Mark all the best for the future and thank them both for their hard work over the last two years!


Things move on quickly in football and I would like to welcome Tony Humes to the manager's job and wish him all the success in the world! I'm sure that he would be the first to acknowledge that he is taking over a squad that has a huge potential that possibly needs just a few key additions to start moving forward and up league one!!


  Jon Burn's Article from the Essex County Standard 

Well here we are again U's fans. Congratulations to those who were determined to force the demise of Joe Dunne, and ultimately Mark Kinsella. Two Colchester United legends who worked so hard for our club and who I'm sure would have laid down their lives for the cause should the need have arisen. I am devastated to have lost them both and I am very disappointed for them and for this club that they will not see the future benefits of all of the work they had put in during their tenure.

I have so much respect for them, especially Joe who was a heart on the sleeve type of guy. A complete passion for football and a loyalty to this football club, that unfortunately seems to have lead to him to feel that by staying around was not in the best interests of the U's. I agree that results are key, but the performances were good and as I've said before we were just missing the final piece of the jigsaw, scoring goals. Sorry to say that it's not the manager who fails to convert these chances time and again. It's the players who are either unlucky, unable or even unconfident as they perhaps fear the moans if they miss, that fail to make the chances count. That's all that is missing and yet it's the manager who takes the blame.

I am certainly glad that in my job I don't have customers standing behind me criticising every thing I do on a personal and professional level.

The trouble is that after reading some of the fans comments since Monday, Tony Humes and Richard Hall have already been written off before even a ball has been kicked. I find this incredible but sadly a symptom of football in this day and age. I've never met them so have no views on what makes them tick, but they have been a major part of this football club for several years and as such they know what the restraints are and what is expected of them straight away. Plenty of "cheap option" comments have been made. Yes, I agree this appointment is just that, but in my view it's the only sensible and logical option for where we are at the moment.

We have had "names" in charge of the U's in the past and quite obviously they would want to bring in their own players through their own network of agents. What would become of Academy and the work put into Category Two? It would cost money that quite simply the U's have not got and with no disrespect to our Chairman, he is not sitting on massive pots of gold up in his office at Jobserve. He too has also felt the wrath of some fans this week that would like to see the back of him. I must have missed the queue of keen buyers outside the WHCS waving their blank cheque books. I would just say be careful what you wish for because in my view we would not have a Colchester United to support if it wasn't for Robbie and his commitment. I admit he had some tough times at the outset, but he now has the understanding of what it's like to own a football club. He has been learning much like Joe was as manager.

We have financial stability at the U's and a long term plan and that is more than most clubs can say without the Premiership Parachutes. The Tiptree housing project is in Colchester United's name and when that is realised we will benefit, but in the meantime I urge you to have a really good look at the Financial Fair Play (SCMP) that covers League One. Just 60% of turnover can be spent on wages. It's monitored monthly and it's worth remembering that there are others that take a slice of the turnover pie in Colchester. Matchday income forms part of it and no one is to blame for this, but our attendances are lower than most. Yes we all hope that when results improve more will come, but just like potential experienced managers, there are no guarantees.

It therefore falls to you good people to keep thinking and talking positively about Colchester United. It's tough at times, but what drives me on is the thought of those moments when I can stick the proverbial two fingers up at those who seek to make a joke out of the U's. We are far from it and in times like these that we all need to really show what United is all about.

Finally then, and I apologise that my only football comment will be that it's fantastic to have Sanchez Watt back playing again, is to pay immense thanks to Joe and Mark and wish them all of the very best for future. Good luck to Tony and Richard tomorrow at Walsall and I wish them every success at the U's. It's a new chapter that I hope many of you will continue to read and enjoy.

Up the U's!


Sammie Szmodics
The CUSA are delighted to announce that on behalf of it's members we have sponsored the U's attacking midfielder Sammie Szmodics.

Hugely popular with the fans and key member of the youth team league and cup success last season, and not least we are proud to say that he was once a CUSA member, we feel that it is important to support our rising stars of the future.

We wish Sammie the very best of luck and good success for the new season and beyond



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